Created by Richard Gale

Epic horror comedy feature based on the viral short about the legendary Spoonkiller, with award-winning cast featuring Jeffrey Combs!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Movie Prep + T-shirt / Poster Prototypes!
over 3 years ago – Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 11:45:01 PM

Movie Preparation Update

We are in the early stages of Preparation, revising the script (it is epic), and putting together the plan for making the movie. Good preparation is the key to a successful production, and the more thoroughly prepared we are in advance, the smoother it will go.

Early Script Reading

One important part of my writing process is to video myself reading the entire script out loud (a one-man, very dramatic script reading), so I can later sit back and experience the story in realtime-- by listening to the whole story. That way, it becomes easier to judge pacing-- which parts of the story might need tightening, trimming, or losing altogether. By trimming the script in advance of shooting, it saves time and money, avoids shooting scenes that would end up on the cutting room floor (or rather, the delete bin). We want our movie about the world's most inefficient killer to be made with great efficiency. Being able to sit back and listen to a recording of the entire movie in advance also makes it easier to get perspective and see the story as a whole.

The script reading took place at the home of our composer Wlad Marhulets, for a very small audience who had an extremely positive reaction! ---o

T-shirt / Poster Prototypes!

We have received the very first poster and T-shirt samples from our shirt and poster makers! The poster looks fantastic and is being printed on a thick, high quality poster stock. This is it-- the first full-size (24" x 36") poster, fresh out of the mailing tube:

We're very happy with T-shirt Design #1 -- reminds me of a classic rock album cover. Kudos to artist Milivoj Ceran who created the designs by painting them on canvas, just like the masters centuries ago!  This is Design #1:

T-shirt Design #2 - the "Face and Cross Spoons," is being modified slightly, to add the Ginosaji's hoodie around his head-- it just doesn't seem like the Ginosaji without it. 

(You can see the revised T-shirt Design #2 with hood at the top of this Update)

Working on the revised design in Photoshop late at night was actually pretty frightening... 

T-shirt codes

We've just sent the newly revised Design #2 back to our T-shirt maker.  After the revised Design #2 sample shirt is produced, shipped to us and approved (in the next couple weeks), we should then be able to commence sending codes to our 423 backers in 35 countries on five continents (!) receiving T-shirts as part of their rewards. 

Once you receive your code, you will be able to go directly to a special shop for backers, (there will be two shops, one in the U.S., another in the E.U. You'll be sent to one of the shops depending on your mailing address.) You will then select your preferred size and design, confirm your shipping info, and enter your code.  

Those getting unsigned movie posters will also receive their posters at the same time as the T-shirts. (please note: the SIGNED posters will not be delivered until after the film goes into production, since they need to be signed by all the key cast members!)

Stay Spooned!


Holiday Update! Timeline + Delivery Schedule
almost 4 years ago – Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 10:11:34 PM

Happy Holidays!

Kickstarter is in the final stages of collecting pledges and transferring them to our account, which typically takes two weeks (plus an additional few days for bank processing).

Our shop on Backerkit is scheduled to open the first week in January, which will enable others who missed the Kickstarter to still pledge and receive reward items.

During the first week of January, a survey will be sent to all backers to collect everyone's shipping info.  Backers getting T-shirts will be able to select their choice of size and design later in the month.

Project Timeline:

  • Pre-Production - (planning, casting, prep, refining script, scouting locations, designing props, costumes, special effects, sets): Jan. 2016 - Jun. 2016
  • Production (estimated) - (shooting): Jul. - Aug. 2016
  • Post-Production (editing, sound, music, VFX): Sept 2016 – Feb. 2017
  • Projected Release Date: 2017 – TBD

Reward Delivery Schedule:

  • March 2016 - T-Shirts and Posters 
  • July 2016 - Spoons
  • Dec 2016 - Signed Posters (takes extra time to have cast sign posters)
  • 2017 at movie release - Movie Downloads, Shooting Scripts, Soundtracks
  • July 2017 - Ginosaji Automatons

Have a wonderful Holiday, and a healthy and happy 2016!  It's going to be a very exciting year!


SUCCESS!!! ---o Making History! + What's Next...
almost 4 years ago – Sat, Dec 12, 2015 at 09:56:05 PM

Hello Friends!

The Ginosaji Movie Campaign is a Success! 


Thanks to our 776 wonderful backers, together we are going to make cinematic history.

We have already made history! This is, I am quite certain, the first time that a filmmaker has announced to the world he wants to make an epic feature film about a guy killing another guy with a spoon, and has received both funding and an enthusiastic response of "Hell Yes!" from so many hundreds of people. In fact, our campaign is ranked as the #7 Most Funded horror film project in Kickstarter history!

Thanks to all of you, a movie unlike anything else is going to be produced... and it will be amazing.

I want to send you a deeply heartfelt THANK YOU. My friends (Brian and Paul, a.k.a. Ginosaji and Jack) and I have been dreaming of making an extraordinary movie like this for many years, and thanks to you, this is going to become a reality. It is hard to express how grateful we are.

What's Next... ---o

In a few days you will receive an update with the project timeline moving forward.

We will send out surveys in a few weeks using Backerkit, once we receive all the funds from Kickstarter (takes about two weeks to process).  We will also be opening a pre-order shop on Backerkit, which will enable you to order add-on items (if desired), and can receive pledges from new backers as well, to help continue adding awesomeness to the movie!

Get ready for an exciting journey... and stay spooned!

---o Richard

A Really Cool Project + $70,000 Goal Unlocked!
almost 4 years ago – Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 08:25:02 AM

Hello Friends of the Spoon!

I would not recommend a project unless I really believed in it, and there is a horror / thriller in its final hours on Kickstarter that deserves your attention:  The Unkindness of Ravens.  A truly creepy, scary and cool movie, from my talented friend Lawrie Brewster. Its campaign only has a few hours left, so if you like scary movies, be sure to check it out!

Check out The Unkindness of Ravens here!

$70,000 Goal Unlocked! ---o Ginosaji Fan Gallery Available to All Backers!

YES!!!  We've unlocked the $70,000 Stretch Goal!  Now all backers will have the opportunity to have pictures of themselves dressed as the Ginosaji (or Jack) placed in a special Fan Gallery on the Ginosaji Special Edition Bluray!  You can become a part of the Bluray!  Info will be sent out later with details on how to submit your photos, and there will be plenty of time, so if you've never dressed up as the Ginosaji for Halloween, now you'll have more incentive to do so!

Can we make it to the $75,000 stretch Goal?  Be sure to share the spoon with all your friends to help make it happen!  Our campaign ends at 5pm PST tomorrow!!!

Stay Spooned!


Paul Clemens (a.k.a. Jack Cucchiaio) Live!
almost 4 years ago – Fri, Dec 11, 2015 at 12:11:46 AM

Hello Friends of the Spoon!

In a few hours I'll be hosting a Live Stream event with special guest Paul Clemens, the very talented actor who plays Jack Cucchiaio!  We'll be answering questions LIVE today at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT, right here:

This will be a fun and informative look at Paul's career, and a rare opportunity to discover what it's really like to play the victim of the Ginosaji!  We hope you can join us!

The program will be available for viewing afterwards as well, so if you can't watch live, you can still check it out!  Paul is very excited to be doing this, as you can see:

Headed for the Home Stretch!

The campaign ends this Friday, Dec. 11 at 5pm PST!  We're doing great, and reaching for the $70,000 stretch goal!  Help us get there by sharing the spoon!  ---o

All the Best, Again and Agaaain,