Created by Richard Gale

Epic horror comedy feature based on the viral short about the legendary Spoonkiller, with award-winning cast featuring Jeffrey Combs!

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Complete Spoon Sets Signed and Now Shipping
almost 4 years ago – Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 12:05:23 AM

Hello Friends of the Ginosaji!

 Above:  Fay Kato (The Mystic) and Paul Clemens (Jack Cucchiaio) with their spoons.

Spoon Sets Now Shipping

The complete sets of Ginosaji, Jack, and Mystic spoons are finished and have been autographed by the actors.  (It took some extra time to arrange for the actors to sign them.)  The spoons are shipping!  You should have received an email when your spoons shipped.  Every spoon also includes a high quality chrome magnetic display base!

If you ordered a Ginosaji mask, your mask will be shipped in the next day or two along with your spoons in the same box.

 Show Us Your Spoons!

All backers receiving spoons are encouraged to take a pic of your spoon(s) on display and post them to your facebook/twitter/instagram/wherever with #GinosajiSpoon. We'd love to see them in their new homes!

Above: #GinosajiSpoon surrounded by cool stuff - from Christian Hallman - Sweden 

Above: #GinosajiSpoon in Bangkok, Thailand with a Kittysaji! from Saeksan Pensute  

Above: Paul Clemens is disturbed by the creepy Mystic spoons.

  Above: Fay Kato signs the Mystic spoons. 

Above: An army of Jack spoons.

Above: Paul signs the Jack spoons.

Above: The signatures on the backs of the spoons. 


Above: Game of Spoons by Daniele Gatti - Italy

Above: Ginosaji fan art by RedEyeBlackDragon

Above: Ginosaji cosplay by David Mauqui - Zombie Walk - France

Above: Nosferatusaji by Chris Vick

Much more to come... Stay Spooned!



almost 4 years ago – Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 11:39:39 PM

Hello Friends of the Spoon!

Production Update:


The Script is MASSIVE ---o 

The script for GINOSAJI - THE HORRIBLY SLOW MURDERER WITH THE EXTREMELY INEFFICIENT WEAPON is massive.  As you know, it was written with the intention of truly creating the full feature-length version of the original short, with the same tone and spirit as the short, but with a hugely expanded story that includes the origin of the Ginosaji, why he is attacking Jack Cucchiaio, and whether there is a way to stop him.  It will not be 9 hours, but it is freakin' big.

I expanded the short story, with a vengeance.  It's the longest script I've ever written in my life, and I also believe it is the best.  This is not several hours of "again and again --" on the contrary!   Because the spirit of the short is that it's one of the most epic damn shorts ever made, that is also the spirit of the feature.


Epic Scale

The original short was like an amusing short story, whereas the feature is like a sprawling, epic novel -- a story of jaw dropping proportions that goes further and deeper than you might imagine, with enough narrative to fill multiple feature films.  The script is more than 35 mm thick and weighs nearly three pounds, just to give you a sense of it.  It's easily big enough to be two movies.  There will be no additional expense to our backers, but if we keep it at the current size, you will all be receiving a lot more movie than we had previously planned.

Reactions to the Script ---o

I did a few confidential script readings of the entire story for small groups of people, and the reaction has been uniformly fantastic, with comments that the story is "F*%#ing awesome," "incredible," "amazing," "epic," and "unlike anything I've ever seen."


We are in the process of securing additional funding from private investors in order to produce this epic version of the movie without compromises in quality.  Ever since the HSM short film became a phenomenon (now 30+ Million views), the Ginosaji has become a personal obsession for myself and the cast and crew, and we are completely dedicated to making this film extraordinary.

A reminder... With more than 40 International Film Festival awards, three L.A. Area Emmy Awards, six Emmy nominations and a CableAce Award in national competition, plus an Emmy-winning cast and crew... the GINOSAJI feature is going to be kickass.

Above: The awards on display at Ginosaji Pictures headquarters.

A Shorter Version?

If absolutely necessary, we could make a scaled-down version of this epic story, in order to do it on a micro budget.  It would still be a feature film, but just... smaller.   But all of the key people involved in the making of it agree that a smaller version would not be as good, or as AWESOME, as making the full epic version.  So as of now, we are swinging for the fences.

The Schedule

Due to the massive size of the script, the preparations for the production (which are ongoing) will take longer than previously estimated.  The actual shooting would not begin until 2017.  As things continue to come together, our backers will receive plenty of updates, and also behind the scenes info, pics, and more once production gets underway.

Masks Signed!

The first batch of Ginosaji Masks has now been signed by Brian (The Ginosaji) Rohan, the artist Larry Torro and director Richard Gale (me). We will ship out masks as soon as their accompanying spoons are created, over the next few weeks.

Above: Brian (The Ginosaji) Rohan surrounded by Ginosaji masks! Things are getting creepy...

Above: Brian's signature discreetly signed on the back of the mask.

Above: Artist Larry Torro, who hand painted and sculpted the amazing masks, signs them.  

Below: Richard Gale signs the masks.

 Stay Spooned!


P.S.  Visit and follow the Official GINOSAJI MOVIE FACEBOOK PAGE for exclusive artwork and other cool stuff! 



Above: Spoonmon Go by Chris Vick 

---o Finishing & Shipping Autographed Ginosaji Spoons!
almost 4 years ago – Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 01:05:43 AM

Hello Friends of the Ginosaji!

SHIPPING: 1st Batch of Ginosaji Spoons!

The first batch of 100 Ginosaji Spoons (autographed, with magnetic bases!) is finished and has been shipped out to backers in the United States.  (If your spoon was shipped, you would have received an individual email notification earlier today.)  Each week in August, we plan to complete and ship another batch of approx. 100 spoons.  You will receive an email notification once we have shipped your spoon(s).  Backers getting two or three spoons will have theirs shipped later this month -- once they are ready, we need the actors Paul "Jack" Clemens and Fay "Mystic" Kato to autograph them.  

Below: Brian "The Ginosaji" Rohan signs the first batch of 100 spoons.

Below: Little could you guess the unstoppable fury lurking within this actor.  For a hint, just look at those white faces on the couch behind him...

Below: Each batch of spoons and bases will be packed and shipped out in padded mailers stamped with the Mark of the Ginosaji!  Another batch will ship every week throughout August.  We're creating more than 500 spoons and shipping them to 37 countries!

Finishing the Spoons... One at a Time  ---o

A huge amount of loving care goes into the creation of each and every spoon.  Our Director of Spoon Production, Chris Vick is painstakingly adding High Resolution full color images to the bowl of each spoon, then coating each spoon with a clear resin glaze, in multiple coats, to give each spoon a brilliant, shiny finish that is extremely durable, so these collectible keepsakes can be passed down to future generations.  The resin glaze takes about four days to dry, and is carefully hand-painted onto each spoon one at a time, in small batches.

This is a new and improved process, which takes a bit longer, but results in the most beautiful spoons we've ever created.

Below: New spoons with color images added... and freshly glazed spoons drying in a hermetically sealed clean room.



Below:  The dust-free clean-room environment is created using sophisticated scientific techniques...

Below:  The finished spoons ship with a note and instructions on how to display it using the magnetic base (one base included with each spoon).


Below:  On the right, the chrome magnetic display base -- and on the left, how it will arrive in the mail.  The bases have been wrapped with packing foam, which should be removed.

Show Us Your Spooooooons!

Once you receive your spoon, we encourage you to display it in a place of honor and take a pic of your spoon and its surroundings and share it on your platform of choice, with #GinosajiSpoon

Above: A finished Spoon of the Ginosaji stands proudly on its magnetic base. 

Above: A batch of our amazingly realistic Ginosaji masks, sculpted and painted by Larry Torro.

Mask Shipping

Ginosaji Masks will be shipping throughout August together with the spoons.

Ginosaji Movie Update Coming Spoon

in our next update in a few days!



Spoon Engraving Video! Script Breakdown! Screenings in Korea! & more...
almost 4 years ago – Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 12:17:37 AM

Hello Friends of the Ginosaji!

First off, be sure to check out our cool new

Spoon Engraving Video!

A unique glimpse into the process of engraving our collectible spoons with a high-powered laser!  Check out the video here!

Above: The mark of the Ginosaji is burned into the spoon handle with a laser engraver. 

Above: Director of Spoon Production Chris Vick at the laser engraving machine.

Spoons & Bases Shipping Plan

Once the spoons are completed, we need to take a little extra time to get them all autographed by our cast members!   We are on track to start shipping out the first spoons and magnetic bases by the end of July, and will continue to ship all 500 spoons throughout the first two weeks of August.  Spoons will be circling the globe -- shipping to backers in 37 different countries on four continents!

Below: Stainless steel Ginosaji spoons (temporarily coated with white Laser Marking Spray), after being removed from the laser engraver. 

Behind the Spoons ---o Pre-Production:  Script Breakdown

One of the key steps in preparing for a production is to breakdown the script into all of the elements required to shoot each scene.  The script is carefully studied, to identify every character, costume, prop, vehicle, stunt, special effect, background actor, sound element, special equipment, and more -- with each element organized into categories on separate sheets (one for each scene). It’s a crucial part of planning a shoot, and is essential for budgeting and scheduling a movie.

Below: Sample breakdown sheet

Screenings in Korea!  Horribly Slow Murderer short film will be showcased at Two Film Festivals in South Korea in July

The original Horribly Slow Murderer short won two awards at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (the 2nd largest Film Festival in Korea) when it screened there several years ago, and now it has been invited back to celebrate the Festival's 20th Anniversary, where they will showcase audience favorites from the past 20 years.  It's a huge honor, to be screened alongside such cool feature films as Amelie, Memento, Requiem for a Dream, American Psycho, Donnie Darko, Let the Right One In, and the original Ringu!  We're in great company!

Check out the complete line-up here.  The Horribly Slow Murderer is slated to be screened at FIVE different screenings at the Festival!  The Festival page for the HSMEIW is here.

Below: At our last screening in Korea (in 2011), while doing the Q & A, a fan dressed as the Ginosaji joined me and proceeded to hit me really, really hard with his spoon.  I had to ask the translator how to say "softer" in Korean... 

Below: Spoon riot!  At another screening in Korea, a souvenir spoon giveaway got out of control when there were a lot more eager audience members than spoons!

Korea Festival #2 ---o Han River Film Festival

The Horribly Slow Murderer short has also been invited to screen at this month's Han River Film Festival, which screens movies in spectacular outdoor settings by the Han River, near downtown Seoul!  If you're in Korea this month, check it out!

Below: Han River Film Festival

Fan Art:

The Spooning by Daniele Gatti


Above: Fan Art ---o  Photoshop creation by Daniele Gatti, Como, Italy.

Above: Fan Art ---o  El peor asesino de cine_by_Magolobo  

More to come... stay spooned!

-Richard ---o


Masks, Magnets, Netflix and a Really Big Prize!
about 4 years ago – Fri, Jun 03, 2016 at 12:35:25 AM

Hello Friends of the Ginosaji!

We have a variety of updates for you!  First, about some reward items...

Sneak Peek:  Ginosaji Masks in Progress!

Our amazing artist Larry Torro has been busy creating a collection of more than a dozen Ginosaji masks for our backers -- each one is hand-painted and will be signed by Mr. Torro, Brian Rohan (the Ginosaji), and Richard Gale (me!)  Finishing touches are being made now, including a special glaze on the eyes and teeth for a startlingly life-like finish!  The masks are expected to ship out in July. These photos show the masks in progress, before they've received final painting / shading and glaze.

First Look:  Magnetic Bases for the Spoons! 

The ingenious Chris Vick has been hard at work designing, creating, and testing the magnetic display bases which will be included (as a FREE bonus!) with each of the souvenir spoons we ship to our backers.  The bases are made of chrome, and have a minimal and modern design that will allow you to display your souvenir spoons upright with great style!

Here is the chrome base, complete with very strong magnet:


Here's what the base looks like with a Spoon of the Ginosaji attached to it.  Notice how unobtrusive the stand is:

As seen from the front, most of the stand is hidden, so the spoon almost appears to stand upright by itself!  The chrome base is heavy enough to provide solid support for the spoon.  We are very excited with the quality of these bases, and a lot of thought has gone into them! ---o

Below: an army of many hundreds of bases in the works!



The Spoons and magnetic bases are expected to ship in July.

On Netflix...

If you have Netflix, and would like to see a Richard Gale Film made long before Ginosaji... one of the first feature films I directed can be found there...  The Proposal, starring Jennifer Esposito (Crash), Nick Moran (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels), William B. Davis (The X-Files), and Stephen Lang (Manhunter, Avatar).  A suspense / crime story about two undercover cops who must pose as a married couple to investigate a crime boss (Lang).  Distributed by Miramax / Dimension Films.  Note: The film is PG-13, and not nearly as erotic as the poster (below) would suggest!  

Below: Richard Gale discusses the script with star Stephen Lang on the set of The Proposal, now on Netflix.

Below: Director Richard Gale with stars Jennifer Esposito and Nick Moran on the set of The Proposal.

Also on Netflix: Vintage Paul Clemens!

Long before he was Jack Cucchiaio, Paul Clemens played a young music composer in deep trouble in an episode of Murder, She Wrote in 1987!  It's from Season 3, Episode 14, entitled "Murder In a Minor Key."  Paul co-stars with Angela Lansbury, Shaun Cassidy, and Rene Auberjonois.  If you have Netflix, be sure to check it out!

Above:  Before he was ever hit by a spoon, young Paul Clemens makes a shocking discovery in Murder, She Wrote, Season 3, Ep. 14, on Netflix.

Composer Wlad Marhulets Wins Azrieli Prize

Our music composer Wlad Marhulets has won one of the biggest international music prizes, the Azrieli Prize, for his Klezmer Clarinet Concerto. They will honor him and perform his concerto at a concert event in Montréal in October, with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal. The award also includes a $50,000 cash prize. Congratulations to Wlad, again and again!!! ---o

Above: Ginosaji composer Wlad Marhulets conducts the orchestra at the World Premiere performance of his Oratorio in Poland, written as a celebration of the Polish Presidency in the European Union, and 100th Anniversary of the birth of Nobel Prize winning poet Czeslaw Milosz. 

Coming Spoon...

...Info on the pre-production of the GINOSAJI movie... Stay Spooned!

-Richard ---o